About Us

Our business started in 1981 in a garage at home.   We had little in the way of equipment or tooling to begin with.  From the beginning we knew the in order to produce a high quality product we needed the equipment to do so.  We put a high priority on making the constant investment in our equipment to keep up with the industry standards.  Thanks in part to this philosophy and the loyalty of our dedicated customer base we outgrew our original garage location.  This led to our second shop on our home property.  As word of mouth spread about us and our equipment grew we again were faced with a shop that was too small.   Eventually we moved in 1994 to the current location.  This facility allowed us to expand more heavily into part sales and features a walk in parts department.  In 2013 we broke ground again on a 6,000+ square ft. addition.  We are truly proud of this expansion and the benefits it provides our customers who have been such an integral part of our success.

We specialize in anything from atvs and small engines to performance automotive and large diesel engines.  We pride ourselves on the diversity of engines that we are both equipped for and capable of rebuilding.

Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the finest quality products and services at the most reasonable prices possible. We believe that a combination of our talented and experienced staff and modern equipment and machining practices allow us to do that. We are proud of our reputation for quality, workmanship, and service. We believe that if we “go the extra mile” to satisfy our customers they will reward us with their business. Following this practice has led us to be one of the largest and most successful engine machining facilities in this area.